Since the establishment, Widows Training and Development Center (WTDC) has executed several projects to support Iraqi vulnerable women, especially widows and orphans by conducting numerous training and awareness workshops to support widows economically, socially, intellectually, and psychologically by all possible means in accordance with the supports the center receives.

Women for Peace

wfp-logoWfP aspires to a society founded on peace and social justice, in which the fundamental rights of every human being are respected and guaranteed; and where women are present at all levels of the decision making process both in the public and in the private sphere.

Widows for Peace through Democracy


WPD is an International NGO, with ECOSOC Status that campaigns for, researches about, and represents widows and wives of the disappeared in developing and conflict afflicted countries. It is the Umbrella for many widows’ associations across the developing world, promoting awareness at the international level and with governments of the needs and crucial roles of widows,to ensure their protection from violence and poverty, and their enjoyment of their fundamental human rights, to equality, to access to justice and freedom from discrimination and abuse. www.widowsforpeace.org

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UN Women

The creation of UN Women came about as part of the UN reform agenda, bringing together resources and mandates for greater impact. It merges and builds on the important work of four previously distinct parts of the UN system, which focused exclusively on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

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Shatha Naji

• Current Location : Head of the Organization of Women for Peace
• A member of the feminist movement tradition
• A member institution and a member of the coordination of the Iraqi Women Network , which includes more than 85 women’s organization in the whole of Iraq was established in 2004

Şemsa Özar

Şemsa Özar was born in Turkey and graduated from Bogazici University in 1978 with an MA degree in Economics. She worked at the State Institute of Istatistics (1978-1980) and Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (1980-1983) and went on to study at the Institute of Advanced Studies and Scientific Research in Vienna/Austria (1986-88).

Sarah Hani

Sarah studied Mass Communication for her BA, & is currently developing her Master’s thesis in Political Sciences at Cairo University.

Salma Dawood Jabbo

Career Objective
To utilize my diverse professional education and technical experience, supported by my strong humanitarian work (women’s rights) and social affairs background, in a senior government position where I can contribute to strategic focus and influence government’s development programs for women’s rights, affairs and justice.

Ribhieh Mohammad Hamadeh

• Member of the Arab Network for NGOs
• Member in the family developmental association.
• Coordinator and trainer in the global institution for supporting women.
• Social consultant in the women programs center /Whdat / Zarqa of UNRWA (1996-2006 ).

Relief International

Relief International (RI) is a humanitarian, non-profit, nonsectarian organization providing emergency relief, rehabilitation, and development assistance worldwide, with a focus on disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable groups around the world. RI’s eleven years of experience in Iraq has allowed it to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the humanitarian situation in Iraq, and the problems facing vulnerable and disadvantaged persons in Iraq.

Ramziya Abdulwahab Amin

General Director of Gender Studies and Information Organization

Margaret Owen

Margaret Owen is an international human rights lawyer, with a focus on women’s and children’s rights, and for the last two decades has worked to raise awareness in particular of the status of widows in developing countries, and especially in countries in conflict and post conflict environments.

Komela Jin

We Komlaa Jane Komala Jîn group of activists Alchordiat strive to achieve full equality for women in the Kurdish rights and duties.


Gender Studies and Information Organization (GSIO) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with a prime focus on gender issues. It was founded on January 27th, 2005 by Ms. Pakhshan Zangana, which she led until 2010.

Faten Nabhan

Head of the Capacity Building Unit at Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counselling which targeting both women and youth. She has four years of experience as a supervisor for women’s grassroots organizations, and five years of experience as a social worker for women victims of violence. She is also a trainer in women’s issues and gender-based violence, an advocating for women’s rights and justice, and an activist in youth group.

Faiza Hussein Abad Alla Osman

Married and a mother of a dentist and an architect


The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement is the coordinator of the Egyptian NGO CEDAW Coalition, and one of our programs is gender equality, where we prepare with other members of the coalition the shadow report on Egyptian women status including female heads of households. We also work with women domestic workers who are mainly female heads of households, and helped them in establishing the 1st women domestic workers’ syndicate in the region. We build their capacities, train them, and help them lead a campaign for adopting a protective law for women domestic workers, and a contract, and the ILO convention 198.


Cherifa Kheddar

Born in 1956 in Blida, Algeria, Algerian nationality. A founding member of the Association of Victims of Terrorism Djazairouna. Valuable asset to the victims of terrorism in the areas of social, administrative and legality since 1997 until the present day.


Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women Studies (BBSAWS) is a national non governmental, non political, non profit making voluntary organization that is dedicated to empower and enhance women’s status. It is geared towards contributing to the development of a peaceful society that can offer the best quality of life to all its citizens.


Amez was founded 2005 in the city of Sulaymania. The organization is religiously and politically independent and is working hard to promote the status of women in Kurdistan through courses, seminars and workshops. Amez is a member of the Network against honor-related violence (Sweden), Women for Peace (Kvinnor för fred, Sweden), Network for Women (Kurdistan, 21 women Iraqi Kurdistan, which Amez).

  • Promotion of the Status of Women in Kurdistan.
  • Equality, Autonomy and Women’s Rights.


The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women was the first Egyptian NGO to address the needs of Female Heads of Household (FHHs) and to identify them as a distinct target group.
At the time of ADEW’s establishment in 1985, FHHs, a segment of society that constituted 20% of the Egyptian population and over 40% of the population of squatter areas, had long been radically marginalized and impoverished. That’s why, ADEW was determined to empower these marginalized FHH; economically, socially, and legally; through its comprehensive set of programs.

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