Date Time Session Activity Speakers
January 21 15.00 Registration Sign up for Round tables

  1. Collection of data
  2. Sub groups of female headed households (widows, single night brides, half-widows etc)
  3. Key challenges
  4. Best practice
15.45 Commencement Participants are seated with relevant translation
16.00 Session 1 Official welcome Pakshan Zangana, Secretary General High Council Women’s Affairs KRG,Frances Guy Representative UN Women Iraq
16.30 Moderators
Salma Jabou
Zarin Hainsworth
The Global perspective Using international legal instruments to work for female headed households
Female headed households: definition?
Regional work for female headed households
Q & A
Margaret Owen
Luz Tanturuna IOM
Irena Isomova UNHCR
17.15 Session 2 Salma Jabou The Regional perspective Representatives from Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Sudan, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria – with an update on the situation of female headed households in the region
Q & A
Wensa Alshawish (Syria) Shiraz Khalil  (Syria)
Monika Shujala (Palestine)
Prof Şemza Özar (Turkey)
Dr Faisa Huseain (Sudan)
Ribhya Hussein (Jordan)
Sarah Hani (Egypt)
Rujaa Ali Shemisa (Libya)
Kheddar Fatima Al-Zahraa (Algeria)
18.15 Introductory activity
19.00 Dinner/welcome reception
January 22 9.00 Session 3 Moderator
Sarah Hani
Introduction of the day The Iraqi perspective
Updates from Iraq
Ahmed Mustafa (Relief International)Nagham Kadhim Hamoudi (Najaf)
Salma Jobou (Baghdad)
Juman Muhammad Ali (Karbala)
Dr. Ronak Tawfeeq Ali (Baghdad)
Layla Avendar Noori (Nineveh)
Hakima Abduladheem Hason Al-Shibli (Diwaniyah)
10.15 Refreshments and networking
11.15 Session 4 Moderators
Bayan Khader Rasul
Round tables on key points

  1. Collection of data
  2. Sub groups of female headed households (widows, single night brides, half-widows etc)
  3. Key challenges
  4. Best practice
Norhan Ismael Haqi
Shatha Naji
Ramziya Abdulwahab Amin
Zahia Abh Raheem Ahmad
Sarah Hani
Dr. Ronak Tawfeeq Ali
12.25 Lessons learnt
Key points reported from each discussion
Summing up by moderator
13.00 Lunch and networking
14.00 Session 5 Moderator
Ramziya Abdulwahab Amin
Best practiceThe example  of SANWED
Explanation of world cafe
Margaret Owen
Zarin Hainsworth
15.10 Session 6 Moderators
Faten Nabhan
World cafe Participants go from one group to another after 15 mins – so that they all discuss all of the themes by the end of the time, but with different groups.  Each group notes on flip charts the key ideas and puts them on the walls. Themes: collecting data, sub-groups, key ideas from best practice, creating a network for a country, setting up an umbrella organisation for the region. Facilitators
Rugja Ghlesa
Zhor Hakem
Hilal Aloush
Cherifa Fatima Al-Zahraa
Faiza Hussain
Norhan Ismael Haqi
16.10 Refreshments
Participants view the flip charts while having refreshments and networking
They vote on the ideas that they think are most important
16.30 Session 7
Dr. Ronak Tawfeeq Ali
Report back on the top ten ideas voted by participantsComments from the participants on their key learning from the day – open mic
Closing comments by moderator
17.00 Discussion of draft statement
Close of day
17.10 Interviews or sightseeing
20.00 Multicultural dinner and evening-  in national costume
22.00 Photos, sharing of songs and poetry
Awarenessing and using data; setting up an umbrella organisations
January 23 9.00 Session 8 Moderator
Dr Faiza Hussein
Summary of day 1 highlighting 10 top ideasExplanation of the day ahead
Explanation of creating an action plan
Action plan session: 1 group each on: collecting and using data; setting up an umbrella organisation for the region; setting up a country network; raising awareness
Ribhya Hamada
Sarah Hani
Faten Nabhan
Shatha Naji
10.10 Presentation of each group on action plan
10.30 Refreshments and networking
11.00 Session 9
Layla Avendar & Bayan Khader Rasul
Discussion of action plansAgreement of statement from meeting
Reading of agreed statement
Group photo
12.00 Thanks and close Frances Guy
12.30 Trip organised by High Council of Women’s Affairs and lunch
17.00 Informal visits
Participants depart