Dear Zarin & Colleagues,We went back to our homelands and work , but with a memory filled with images and thoughts and feelings , and network of relationships , we are honored to have , and we hope to keep contact to achieve the goals that brought us together in Kurdistan, which is developing strategies to serve the work of female headed households ,
Of course, we are honored to be part of the network, to contribute to the development of effective action plans to serve the marginalized women , and share our experience to build the knowledge and ability to achieve further development and success.
All thanks and appreciation to Zarin . Fransis . Margaret. Nawa . Ahamad and Alin and all colleagues who I had the pleasure to met you .
As I promised pleas find attach , which was presented during the conference, I hope to be useful for everyone.

Best regards to all,

Ribhieh Hamada

Bonjour, Chere Zarin,Je suis très contente d avoir fais la connaissance d’une aussi gentil Zarin, dame de haute classe qui a rèussi a mener le cogrès du 21-23 janvier, 2014, et toujours avec le sourire qui a aidè les participantes a travailler avec entousiasme, aussi je te remercie d avoir envoyè les documents divers des travaux du forum, aussi je te demande ma chere Zarin, de me redonner le site pour voir tout ce qui concerne votre association, je t’embrasse très fort Zarin


Hakem Ahor,  Algerie

Dear friendsI am happy to know all of you, and happy to have a chance to exchange experiences, it was really a good opportunity to have a space to shed light on this problem and think of effective tools,,,
The conference help us to come out with work strategies and future networks to activate and integrated our work.

Thanks Frances and Zarin for all efforts you put, it was an active learning, you were able to make us involve in all details, and gave participants roles in moderating and facilitating the sessions so each person had an important and clear role to make this conference success…

I would like to share my contacts details to keep in touch,,,

Email: faten@wclac.org
Facebook : Faten Nabhan
Skype : faten.nabhan

Thank you friends for everything, and thanks for our friends from Erbil for their nice guest,,,

Warm regards from Palestine

مساء الخير للجميع
تحية ملؤها المودة والامل من فلسطين

انا سعيدة جدا بالتعرف عليكم، وتبادل الخبرات معكم في مجال النساء معيلات الاسر، كانت حقا فرصة مهمة لإبراز وعكس تجاربنا في هذا المجال،،، والخروج في استراتيجيات عمل وشبكات لتفعيل العمل على هذه القضايا ،،،

وددت أن نبقى على تواصل دائما وأريد أن اشارككم بمعلومات الاتصال الخاصة بي

الايميل : faten@wclac.org
الفيسبوك: Faten Nabhan
سكايب: faten.nabhan

اشكركم على كل شيء جميل بادلتموني اياه ،،، واشكر الصديقات في اربيل على ضيافتهن الجميلة

اتمنى أن نبقى على تواصل دائم،،،


I gave a 45 minute presentation at ADEW yesterday about the conference; where I had our Business Development & M&E Consultant, Operational Manager, Program Manager & 4 other colleagues attending.

It only made me realize furthermore the amount of information I came out with from this conference that could serve our beneficiaries better, & our association’s work in general.

The action plan we came out with, along with the statement & its points of action were absolutely relevant to what we-as ADEW-see necessary in order to have our main beneficiaries (the FHH) empowered & gaining more rights in these oppressive societies we’re in.

It’s truly an honor for ADEW to be in this network & in this very first FHH/Widows conference in the MENA region; & we’re definitely up to this privilege, & throughout the coming months, I’ll be updating you with the work we’re doing that will certainly be inspired by the conference.

Sarah Hani